Our Story

We serve gourmet flower and fruit infused cakes, but we’re not your typical bakery shop.

We are a pop up bakery. We bake every weekend at a commercial kitchen in order to serve our customer’s pre-orders, ready for pick up.

Inspired by the drive to reconnect with nature, be self sustainable and enrich our lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have partnered with local farmers to offer flower and fruit infused desserts.

You can learn more about our story on Flower Kitchen Kickstarter Campaign

Chetan (Chet) Hasabnis

Co-Founder | Flower Kitchen

Co-Founder, N-GEMS INC. | Technology Entrepreneur | Lifeguard

Chet is passionate about building technology-driven emergency solutions to maximize rescue operations. He had a transformational experience last year in 2019, when one of his dear friend’s mother passed away due to cancer. He was introduced to the powerful healing properties of simple natural remedies like tea, ginger, herbs, and plants. This realization pushed him on the journey to reconnect with nature through food. His relationship with food changed when he made his first loaf of bread for the homeless. That feeling of fulfillment is the driving force for him to cook with purpose at Flower Kitchen.

Amy Dalessandaro

Owner | Flower Kitchen

Author of 2 Fiction Novels | Chairwoman, Stardust Ballroom Dance Club of Erie

Amy has many passions, including writing, dancing, and baking. She has been a social worker for more than 10 years. This year, she began looking into healthier alternatives for chocolate and sugar. A desire to incorporate edible flowers into her desserts turned into the opportunity of a lifetime to serve the community with enriching food. With her social work background, experience in event planning and expertise in scaling businesses leveraging social platforms makes her the catalyst for growth at Flower Kitchen.

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